MPES Custom 400


  • The Little Guy
  • Optimal processed birds results are achieved with the correct combination of STUNNING, SCALDING and PLUCKING
  • Self-installation with minimal labour requirements
  • Low consumption of power and water
  • System is easily cleaned
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel and food grade materials
MPES Custom 400
MPES Custom 400
MPES Custom 400
MPES Custom 400
MPES Custom 400
MPES Custom 400
  • The secret of good scalding is the control of temperature
  • Between 48 °C and 63 °C
  • Normal time for scalding should not be less than two minutes and not more than four minutes (left)
  • The systematic stun/kill/bleed/ system will have the greatest effect on the ease with which the pluck is done
  • Too hard or too soft rubber plucker fingers can have a damaging effect on the skin or leave feathers behind respectively (above left top)
  • Thorough bleeding results in a lifeless non struggling carcass before emersion and soaking takes place
  • The eviscerating rail is used by placing the bird’s hocks into the shackle, back toward the operator (top right)
  • Stun birds for no more than two to three seconds each, to incapacitate the bird to adhere to animal welfare (above left bottom)

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