MPES Compact 4000

MPES Compact 4000
MPES Compact 4000

It is important to create the best possible environment for processing
Optimal processed birds results are achieved with the correct combination of STUNNING, SCALDING and PLUCKING
With the Compact 4000, RUSANDUS cc achieves all these aspects

Technical data:
Dimension: 6m x 6m x 3m
Weight: 4tons
Electricity: 220volt /50hz
Water consumption: app. 350lt/hour
Steel Frame; Stainless steel constructed
Fits into 40ft container for transportation

Overhead Conveyor: 25meters, tensioning system on 180deg bend. Trolley with nylon/stainless steel wheels. Stainless Steel ridged shackles. VLT motor control

Automatic Stunner: Bath with drain. Guide rails. Stepped 50hz adjustable voltage. Bath is fixed height

Blood Trough: Low side panel for cleaning. Bottom drain with valve

Scalder: PT 100/CB 100 control system. Electric motor for water agitation. Heated by means of hot water diesel boiler and radiator

Plucker: Gear driven aluminum finger disc. Four 2.2kW electric motors. Total of 32 finger disc with nine fingers. Plucker banks easily adjustable.

Compact design
Quick installation with minimal labour requirements
Low consumption of power and water
System easily cleaned from both sides
Constructed from Stainless Steel and food grade materials
IP 65 steel cabinet
Remotely mounted on frame
Easy to see operation lamps
80 amp control system mounted inside
220v/50hz single phase

MPES Compact 4000
MPES Compact 4000